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WordPress out of the box is pretty good at SEO. that’s why a lot of websites use it but there’s two plugins I can recommend to help boost your WordPress SEO. The first one is called Yoast SEO. and that’s by the team Yoast; this is the one I use when I’m building websites.

The Nice thing about this is that it sets up all the backend stuff all the hidden stuff that you need to do as well as offering suggestions while you write content on how to improve that content. So when you’re writing the content you tell it what keywords your trying to target and it tells you or it makes recommendations on the things you need to do while you’re writing that content so that you achieve all the different things that you need to do for SEO. on the site.

The second plugin I recommend or I’ve used in the past it’s called the All in One SEO. pack. This does a lot of things that the Yoast SEO does, for example help you optimise titles, generate meta tags again it does all the back end stuff that you need to do but it’s not as popular and it doesn’t offer that content suggestion tool that the Yoast has. So I don’t use this one as often but both of these are very popular for example the Yoast SEO plugin has five million installs; that’s active installs so across the whole five million. The all in one SEO pack has about 3 million. So as you can see they’re both very popular options and they both work very well.

Why would you install plugins to do this for you? Well number one it’s easier; you can if you want, go configure all these things in your website yourself or you can leverage a plugin like the Yoast SEO. plugin or all in one SEO. pack. Using these plugins just make it so much easier to set up and it gets you up and going that much faster. As things are changing out in the internet they’re making updates and tweaks to these plugins so that your website can reflect and use these latest and hot techniques. So make your life easier install these plugins and reap the rewards and benefits.