The Inernet of Things (IoT) involves connecting devices through switches and sensors to the internet. This technology can be used to gather data and extend our control of our physical world through the use of the internet.  Some common applications for IoT include home automation, healthcare, manufacturing.

IoT does not need to be expensive there are many production ready hardware solutions that can be leveraged to produce a robust IoT solution. These hardware platforms include Rasberry PI, Audriono, and micro Python running on ESP2866 hardware.

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micropython and the esp2866

Micro Python and ESP2866

We recently completed a project for WSPY, a rural Illinois radio statation, to help them monitor temperatures in remote transmitter locations. These buildings are located in farm fields and monitoring temperatures is critical to prevent overheating and loss of expensive equipment. For this Internet of Things project we chose the ESP2866 style board and flashed it with micro-python. The code logs data into Amazon Web Services (AWS) dynamo db. The data is then displayed using a small webpage, that shows both the current temperature and the history for the last 24 hours.

Python and Raspberry PI

This project was to create a Rasberry PI based  system to detect how often a sump pump runs. The system monitors vibrations using the SW-420 vibration sensor. Each time there is a vibration even data is logged directly to Amazon Web Services (AWS) dynamo DB for later graphing and visualization. If the sump pump does not run in a 24 hour period and email is sent to the homeowner so that they can check on the status of the sump pump and make sure everything is ok.

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