Graphic Rich Website

Edison Avenue Consulting built this website to be Visually impactful and easy for the client to maintain. Utopia has a diverse range of projects they wanted to showcase and this site shows these projects off in a nice grid based view.

Drupal Website Development

The Utopia website, is built on Drupal.  The site was built to allow user to easily explore the varied and diverse projects that Utopia has created. Drupal was setup to allow easily adding new projects without any coding ability.

Better Performance

Through the use Drupal and our customization, the site performs well and is easy to update.

Custom Solutions

EdisonAve has the experience and technical “know how” to be able to do most things a client wants on their website. When we say “custom website design”, we mean it.

Views Based Grid system

Using the Drupal views modules we have enabled the “projects” for the client be featured in several different grid views. We have also re-purposed the views module to be used to create slide shows in each project.

Process Steps
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