Responsive Website

Edison Avenue Consulting focuses on responsive design, always thinking “mobile first”. The Messenger Library website is fully responsive and looks great at any screen size. The site was built to help people find out about the library and interact with staff.

Drupal Website Development

The Messenger Library website, is built using Drupal content management system with a custom configuration.  This website was designed to display some of the same content in different areas of the website. It also pulls in information from other services and sites that the library subscribes to.

Better Performance

Through the use of our framework and plugin configurations, your website will be fast and functional for your visitors.

Custom Solutions

Edison Avenue Consulting has the experience and technical “know how” to be able to do most things a client wants on their website. When we say “custom website design”, we mean it.

Custom Integration

Using the power of Drupal this site integrates data from external sources into the site. This offers a clean presentation to site visitors without having to leave the site.

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