In Case Of Emergency Apps

A customized way to put your I.C.E. information
on the lock screen of your smartphone.

Application Features

Brandable for different types of healthcare organizations, including hospital networks,

Lists two primary contacts, medical conditions, medications the owner takes and medications the owner is allergic to. The app features a listing of all locations and details about the locations. The user is allowed to call the location from inside the app as well as get more details from the location through the phone web browser.

Even More Features

By customizing our ICE app with YOUR brand and offering it to your patients, you will be providing what could be a life-saving service while placing your brand on the home screen of every user.
Every time users operate their phones, they will see your brand and connect you to this life-saving tool. Plus, without needing to unlock the phone, any person can see who the user wants contacted in case of an emergency (ICE) because the information is right on the lock screen. The Lock Screen also tells emergency personnel that there’s an app inside the phone that has more valuable information about the owner of the phone.

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