Responsive Website Design

Edison Avenue Consulting (EAC) has been working with Binny’s Beverage Depot since 2012. EAC built a custom-coded website that uses Binny’s internal computer system, part database and part custom code, to enable web users to view and purchase products. Recently EAC undertook a redesign of the Binny’s site to make it more responsive. Now, the content responds to the screen size of the device the user is using. The newer, more responsive theme offers the same experience for all users regardless of the device they use to access the site.

Mobile Application

In 2013 Edison Avenue Consulting built a mobile application for both iOS and Android smart phones for the Binny’s Beverage Depot site. This application allows users to browse products, manage wishlists of products, scan bottles to get more information, and stores a digital version of Binny’s loyalty card users ..  The Binny’s mobile app is available in iTunes and Google Play.

Unified Shopping Experience

The responsive web design offers a unified shopping experience for desktop and mobile users. Mobile users, including tablet and phone users, can now purchase products from their devices.

Better Performance

Through the use of modern Javascript libraries the site loads much faster and is optimized for usability.

Enhanced Product Search

The latest version of the site has better product search. The new search is much faster and offers the user better ways to sort and view results.

Slide Show on the Homepage

Through the use of popular slider libraries — or images that constantly slide across the screen — a video based homepage slider was installed on the Binny’s website.  The new slider not only supports responsive design, but also supports video and image files to offer an appealing slider to the end-user.

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