Alex’s Gluten Free Spots will help you eat better!

The Gluten Free and Celiac Friendly
Restaurant Review App .

Locate Gluten Free Spots

Search by current location to find nearby restaurants, or search by city to prepare for a visit. Find all restaurants users have added that have gluten free items on the menu.

Save Your Favorites

Once you have visited a gluten free restaurant, you can save it to a favorites list. This way you’ll have all your faves in one convenient place.

Rate the Spots

Give each restaurant a 1-5 star rating in 4 categories: variety of menu, taste of food, knowledge of staff, and restaurant or facility. The average of all ratings display in the listings. You can also identify if the restaurant is celiac friendly.

Add Locations

If you visit a gluten free or celiac friendly restaurant that has not yet been added, you can be the first to add and rate it. This way, all app users can work together to make being gluten free, hassle free.

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