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Remove Green Screen with Photoshop in 3 Easy Steps

By Image Editing, John Wenzler, PhotoshopNo Comments

So this one should be short and sweet.  You’ve got a photo with a green screen background and you want to remove the green, place in some new background, and pass it off as a nice clean piece of work.  It’s not hard to do and you can do it yourself. Without further ado, let’s get started…   Step 1 Open your image and add in the background We picked this nice shot of some glasses in front of a green screen… … and we are going to place them on this crazy dog that had a little too much fun! Notice I placed the dog layer below the layer with the green screen.  This makes sense since the glasses will sit on top of the dog’s face.  If this were a headshot and you were putting it on some other background, the headshot would be the glasses and the background would go where the dog is. Step 2 Select the green color range This is where the magic happens, click Select -> Color Range. First you will need to click on the green area of the screen, this will choose that color range to be selected.  Then go ahead…

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