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GDPR and Your Website

By Coding, Web Design, WordPress

What is GPDR Have you heard of GPDR or “General Data Protection Regulation”? This is a European Union regulation that affects all websites that collect and store personal data of users from the EU. The regulation goes into affect on May 25th 2018. It was drafted to help citizens of EU countries, control and protect their person data. This data includes but is not limited to: Names Addresses Photos IP Address As a website owner you must update your privacy policies of your website to include statements about how you plan to use the data provided to you by users. You must also update this policy to inform users how they may retrieve any data that is being stored or erase this data from your system. This data has to be provided to them in a portable format. If you website has forms. The GPDR stipulates that you must let the user offer their consent to collect this data. This means that all forms on your site must have a check box that allows the user to agree that you can collect the data in the form. You must protect the data transmitted to your site and stored on your…

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What is Responsive Design?

By Coding, CSS, Javascript, John Wenzler, Mobile First Design, Responsive Design, Styling, Web DesignNo Comments

This post is about responsive design principles, some current frameworks for building responsive websites,  and the concept of mobile-first. With our clients we have learned that responsive design is not a feature, it is a necessity. So what is it anyways? Responsive Design Let the website RESPOND to varying browser sizing The goal of responsive web design is to provide a great viewing and interaction experience regardless of the platform the user is viewing your site from. It also means providing the same content and options to users of all platforms. This means that the old-school “mobile version” of web sites doesn’t fit the responsive design guidelines. The most popular modern frameworks for responsive web design are: Twitter Bootstrap: Docs Foundation Framework: Docs I won’t get into specifics on the differences between the two, instead I will focus on what they both do well. The Grid A grid is a way of dividing up the page into columns.  These columns can then float and stack based on the size of the screen.  Both Bootstrap and Foundation utilize a grid based on 12 divisions. With some simple math this means: columns = 12/width 1 column (full width) = 12 2 columns = 6…

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Top 5: jQuery Functions You May Not Have Known

By Coding, Javascript, John Wenzler, jQuery, Web Design
Welcome to my first of a series of website coding language related top five lists. I'm going to start us off with some functions from jQuery that you may or may not know. There is no particular order to this list, just a set of what I consider interesting and potentially useful functions in jQuery.  Let's get started! trim() What it does Trim is a super simple function that removes any leading or trailing whitespace from a string How to use it var myString = " Trim is great "; var trimmedString = myString.trim(); //myString is now "Trim is great" » Read More: jQuery docs In Action Enter string here Trimmed version generated here: "" fadeToggle() What it does Toggles the visibility of an element with a fading effect. The function also accepts parameters for duration of the fading effect, the easing function to be used furing fading, as well as a callback function for when the effect is complete. You may want to use this function because it takes care of issues with trying to fade in or out while the opposite effect is still not complete. How to use it var element = $("#someElement"); var button = $("#fadeToggleButton");{...
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