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We like to bring our knowledge of software, design, websites, mobile and marketing to our projects to make the best product for our clients. Our knowledge is second to none.

Mobile First Development

We build for mobile first. Everything we create will work on mobile device platforms. We believe that you can no longer ignore the mobile user. If the project does not have a mobile aspect you might as well not do it.

Mobile Application Development

We have built many applications for both iPhone and Android. We have used native SDK technologies like the iOS SDK or Android SDK as well as HTML5 applications.

WordPress Website Design

About half of the websites that we build use the WordPress publishing platform. This solution allows for rapid development of the website as well as the ability to update content at a later date. With the vast amount of plugins we can customize WordPress to fit your needs.

Drupal Website Design

Drupal is the second most used content management system that we employ. We can create highly customized sites with many complex business rules while still offering the ability to update content. Drupal offers many plugins that allow us to rapidly develop a site to meet clients exacting specifications.

Responsive Web Design

We build website forĀ  multiple devices, display sizes, and orientations. It also means new opportunities. A flexible, responsive design approach reaches your customers regardless of the browser or platform.

Online Marketing

Once your website or application is built you need customer or users. With our experience in Facebook, Twitter, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) andĀ  Pay Per Click (PPC), we can bring users and clients to you.

A little Bit About Us

Edison Avenue Consulting is a full-service software development firm. We have built many websites, custom software applications, and mobile applications. We use open source solutions and tools to help you realize your unique needs. We specialize in building solutions based on existing open source projects or by levering technologies to complete a total custom solution for your needs.

We have been in business since 2009 when Tom Printy decided he wanted to build applications and websites for the mobile world.

Our Name and Logo

Our name and logo embodies everything about an invention. It starts with a great idea often symbolized as a light bulb. Like Thomas Edison we take those ideas and transform them into something digital. Founder Tom, who lives on Edison Avenue in Elgin IL, admires the fortitude that Thomas Edison displayed when creating the light bulb. Edison is quoted as saying that he didn’t fail he just found 10,000 ways it didn’t work. Developing software is much like inventing the light bulb, we find ways to make software work, and we will persevere till it does.

Edison Ave redesigned my organization's website last year. They were great! Accessible, knowledgeable, just brilliant!

Rose Reinert, Greater Elgin Family Care Center
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We Are Designers. We Are Innovators. We Are Edison Avenue Consulting.

We design, develop, and promote mobile applications and websites. Our mobile first philosophy ensures that everything we touch will work on all mobile platforms.

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