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April 2020

How to Create a WordPress Site That Represents Your Brand

By Web Design, WordPress

WordPress is a content management platform that has been in use for many years. As such, it has grown into a robust application that features themes, templates, plugins and user-generated content. Support from the WordPress community is easy to find, and you can rely on the security features WordPress offers. Maintaining your brand awareness in your WordPress website is easy to accomplish if you focus on your goals. Be Consistent When you first begin thinking about the design and layout of your new WordPress site, it can be a little overwhelming as you consider the myriad choices you have at your disposal. It is important to stay focused, though, and stay with the main ideas that represent your brand. Customers only need 10 seconds to look at your brand logo before forming an opinion of it. You want your customers to immediately recognize the familiar branding on your site and all the feelings and ideas associated with it. Consistency is essential, and you want to maintain your brand message and your brand logo throughout your site. Develop the Theme The layout and design of your WordPress site is the backbone of the site. You will need to choose a main…

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