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February 2018

Audit Site Content Using your SEO Plugin.

By Web Design, WordPress

This week we’re going to continue to look at SEO for our WordPress website.We we learn why we should audit site content using your SEO plugin. Let’s review where we’ve been before. We’ve set up our search engine, valid URLs. We’ve used a theme that’s optimized for SEO. We’ve installed and we’re using an SEO plugin. We’ve generated XML sitemaps We’ve submitted those sitemaps to Google Search Console. So now what are we going to do? Now we’re actually going to look at the content on our website and start using that SEO tool we installed to really get down and hone up in our content for good quality. If you’re using the Yoast SEO plugin, you’ll notice right on the dashboard of your website, the dashboard is the first page you see after logging in, there’s a Yoast SEO post overview. This gives you an idea of how your content is in your post-section of your website. It doesn’t analyze the pages but it does look at posts. So if you’re using your blog section for news or other things, it’s going to help you, right on the dashboard, figure out what’s going on there. You’ll see a little,…

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