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November 2017

Wordpress SEO Permalinks

WordPress SEO Tip: Making sure your site uses SEO friendly URLs

By Web Design, WordPress

We’re continuing our conversation about setting up WordPress so it best uses as SEO. practices and get your site found. This episode we’re going to be talking about setting up URLs. Obviously URLs are important because it tells the search engines where your content is, how it’s found, it can be used to help maybe specify keywords things like that. WordPress Permalinks By default WordPress ships with what they call ugly URLs and they are pretty ugly, they use the Web 1.0 style of URLs where it’s your domain name followed by a question mark and ā€œPā€ equals some number (?p=1234); that number designates the page it’s going to be displayed. Obviously this means nothing to anybody, it could be a random number one through you know however many pages you have in your site, so it’s not very useful either for your users or for search engines so this is something you definitely want to change. This is changed by visiting again the reading tab in the settings and there are several options that you have to choose from. WordPress calls the default option plain which is the one I just described with a question mark. There’s a day…

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WordPress SEO Tip: Enabling Search Engine Readability

By Web Design

In this series of podcasts we’re going to be discussing various ways that you can make your WordPress website visible to search engines and help people find what you are trying to talk about or trying to sell. So the first thing we need to do is make sure that the search engines can actually find your site. Often times when we set up a site we would set the settings so that you couldn’t find the site. So if you’re doing things like re-skinning a site or setting up a new site you wouldn’t damage the search engine rankings for any of the old sites or any other old site that you had out there. So what we would do in that case is when we’re setting up the site we’d actually set the search engine visibility should be off and this is not the default setting but what it does is it tells all the sites or all the search engines that your site should be ignored; not to index it not to look at it. Then you go build a site and do all the things that you needed to do and often times what would happen…

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